Heritage in Robertsfors

Robertsfors offers a rich variety of fascinating reminders of our cultural heritage. Trade, sea transport, war and industrial epochs have all left their marks. Below, there is a selection of what Robertsfors has to offer. Further details of the individual attractions can be found via the menus.

The harbour in Ratan

Along our coast, there are many harbours that have been used by people throughout the ages. In the south, Ratan is a natural deep harbour that was considered one of the best between Torneå and Stockholm. This made the village a true hub of trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is also where the last battle on Swedish soil took place on the 20th of August 1809. This was part of the 1808 – 1809 Russo-Swedish war. Carved water level marks in Ratan witness the 18th century interest in the falling levels of our seas. You can learn all about this and much else in Kulturum (the cultural information centre). This is housed on the upper floor of the old Tullgården (customs and excise house). Outside the harbour, there is Rataskär, an island with labyrinths, compass roses, net drying stands and the stone circles of dwelling foundations.

Just north of Ratan, the village of Dalkarlså was home to the Häggström trading empire. Dalkarlså Herrgård (mansion house) remains. The Häggström family made this a hub of trade and sea transport serving its considerable sawmill, shipyard and industrial operations. The mansion house was also a hub for that time’s “society” and “upper-class” culture. In the oldest mansion building, in addition to a country store museum, there are several living rooms with period furnishings.

Just west of Dalkarlså, in the village of Bobacken, there is Thurdinska Gården, a well preserved sea captain’s residence built in the 1820s and later expanded into what was, for those days and that district, an uncommonly large and stately house. The property and its garden are currently being restored and used as practical examples for teaching building conservation and the cultivation of plants.

Nysätra Church, Ånäset

In Bygdeå, north of Dalkarlså, there is one of upper Norrland’s oldest stone churches. It dates from the 16th century. As early as the 14th century, there was most probably a wooden church where the present edifice now stands. In Ånäset, in the northern part of the municipality, Nysätra’s wooden church dates from the early 18th century. Built in the nave and transept style, it also has clear rococo stylings. Next to the church, there is Roseniusgården, the homestead where a famous preacher, Carl-Olof Rosenius, was born.

For those interested in old farming ways of life, there is Bobacksgården. Located next to Bygdeå church, it has fine paintings and displays of rustic objects. In Ånäset, Galgbacken is a homestead heritage site with buildings, furnishings, machines and tools from bygone eras. Kålaboda Lantbruksmuseum (farming museum) also has a number of everyday utensils in its collections. These have links not only to the “green industries”, but also to the schooling systems of older times.

The narrow-gauge railway at the mill museum

Last but not least, on the outskirts of Robertsfors, there is Bruksområdet. This has roots going back to the middle of the 18th century when a blast furnace was set up here. Bruksområdet has a fascinating industrial history. A hammer mill, factory, sawmill, engineering workshop, foundry, sulphite production and large-scale agriculture have all been stages in this. Many of the industrial enterprises now in Robertsfors have, in some way or other, sprung from this “mill background”. A number of the older buildings have been preserved. One of these is home to Bruksmuseet (the mill museum) and its exhibitions on the various epochs and history of the site. Next to the museum, there are still sections of the narrow-gauge railway that transported goods and wares between the mill site and Sikeå harbour. There are also many old locomotives and carriages. If you wish, you can even take a ride!

The municipality of Robertsfors offers amazing culture and heritage experiences. We look forward to seeing you!