Cheese Kingdom - a tasty piece of Västerbotten!

The Cheese Kingdom is the home of our unique Västerbotten cheese. It is also a destination where exciting attractions and events shape a fascinating and varied whole. In the Cheese Kingdom, you can follow cheese from field to table!

100 000 Västerbottens cheeses at the Cheese Store

In the early 1870s in Burträsk, dairymaid Eleonora Lindström made the “mistake” of a lifetime. It resulted in Västerbotten cheese, an “emperor amongst cheeses”. Using Ulrika Eleonora’s secret original recipe, this cheese is still made today at the Burträsk dairy. Next to the dairy, there is the Västerbotten cheese visitor centre. It was built as a tribute to the emperor amongst cheeses. Here, in an exhibition focused on Västerbotten cheese, you can learn cheese myths and history. This is also where you can follow cheese production. Why not try to make your own mini-cheese in the dairy?!

The Cheese Store in Ånäset a part of the Kingdom of Cheese

To develop its unique character and taste, a cheese such as Västerbotten requires care and attention. These are given at the “cheese store” in Ånäset. Here, store manager Ola Larsson lavishes attention on over 100,000 cheeses. Using their finely tuned senses and know-how, he and his colleagues ensure that each cheese reaches its full potential. The cheese storage contains over 100 000 cheeses. You can also follow the entire storage and maturing process from the visiting center “Ostens Lager”. Here you find an exhibition about the Västerbotten cheese, the farmer’s life and about dairying. In the café you can enjoy sandwiches and pies inspired by the cheese. Don’t miss the opportunity to by Västerbottens cheese, directly from the storage while you’re here!

Ola Larsson, store manager

The Cheese Kingdom has many other attractions for you to discover. We have everything to make your visit a delight – accommodation, restaurants, cafés, handicrafts, art, music, history and so much more!